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General Sales Conditions

This site is owned by:
Raymond Paul Marcozzi

Registered Office:
Via Morane 188
41125 Modena, Italy

Administrative Office:
Via Morane 188
41125 Modena, Italy

VAT No: 03260250364
REA No: MO-373391

Tel: 0039-366-1924369
Fax: 0039-059-300723
e-mail: info@finetastesofmodena.com

The site was created for the direct sale to private consumers of fresh and preserved foods, found typically in Modena cuisine, and a selection of non-food items, in compliance with Italian regulations concerning distance contracts.

All sales are governed by the Conditions of Sale as well as by the Terms described in detail in the sections of this website named respectively "How to Order" and "Discount / Buy with Friends" which must be considered integral and essential parts of the sales contract. Before confirming an order, it is recommended that the Customer reads carefully the Conditions of Sale as identified above and the information contained therein and to print them or save them in another accessible, durable media.

Any new conditions or modification to the Conditions of Sale will be promptly reported on the website by Fine Tastes of Modena, applying only to concluded sales made after such notification.

Orders placed by the Customer constitutes acceptance of the Conditions of Sale in force at the time of ordering.

Conclusion of the Contract
Orders placed by the Customer to Fine Tastes of Modena via this website must be completed in their entirety, containing the information requested, necessary for identifying the customer, the products ordered and indication of the place of delivery. Lack of any part of this information will nullify all orders.

The Customer will automatically receive an email confirming receipt of the order, with Fine Tastes of Modena contacting the Customer as soon as possible thereafter, via email, communicating the total cost of the order, including transport costs and requesting payment.

Specifications and Product Availability
In particular circumstances, Fine Tastes of Modena might not be able to ensure the availability of all products offered and can therefore not be held responsible for the temporary unavailability of one or more products.

Except as stipulated below (right of withdrawal) orders placed by the Customer shall constitute acceptance of any partial delivery limited to the products available among those ordered as well as a waiver requesting compensation for partial orders delivered.

Fine Tastes of Modena also undertakes, by law, to promptly notify the Customer of any unavailability of the product(s) ordered. In this case, the Customer must pay the price corresponding to the amount of the single product(s) actually deliverable.

Right of Withdrawal
According to Italian law under article 5 del D. Lgs 185 del 1999, the Customer has the option to terminate the contract stipulated on the internet without penalty and without giving any explanation, in respect to the following conditions.

The Customer may return the product purchased on the website of Fine Tastes of Modena (intact and in its original packaging) within ten working days from receipt of goods. Fine Tastes of Modena will not accept returns of opened merchandise, not in their original packaging or that have been tampered with.

The Customer is responsible for all shipping costs on returned products. Fine Tastes of Modena will refund the full purchase value of the customer's order excluding shipping.

To exercise the right of order cancellation within ten working days from receipt of goods ordered, the Customer must send a registered letter with return receipt ("Notification") to: Fine Tastes of Modena - Via Morane 188 - 41125 Modena, Italy.

This "Notification" may be sent, within the same time period, also via telegram or fax, under the condition that the same "Notification" also be sent via registered letter with return receipt to the above address, within 48 hours from the transmission of such telegram or fax.

The "Notification" must contain:
1) The express wish to exercise the right of order withdrawal under D. Lgs. N. 185 del 22 maggio 1999
2) Indication of the product(s), for which the Customer is exercising the right of order withdrawal.
3) Information relating to the Customer's bank account (Name of Institution, Branch, Account Number, IBAN Number).

To obtain the corresponding refund, the Customer must return the product(s) at his/her own expense to the following address:
Fine Tastes of Modena
Via Morane 188
41125 Modena

The return shipment must be made within ten working days from receipt of goods and may be through any carrier / courier / shipper of the Customer's choice.

Reimbursement Arrangements:
Fine Tastes of Modena will make the refund by bank transfer within sixty days of receipt the order cancellation. The refund is attributable to the product price paid excluding shipping.
It is understood that the Customer is responsible for the shipment and related costs of the returned product(s) to the Fine Tastes of Modena.
The prerequisite for exercising the right of withdrawal is the substantial integrity of the product and packaging.

Exclusions when applying for Right of Withdrawal:
The right of withdrawal is excluded if:
1) The delivered products are made-to-order or clearly personalized.
2) The supplied goods by their nature:
***Can not be returned.
***Are subjected to rapid deterioration or short-term expiration.

These products include:
a) Fresh products or products that must be refrigerated such as salumi, cheese and pasta.
b) Products with an expiration date of 3 months or less.

3) The product's expiration date has expired.
4) The product's packaging has been opened.

For any notifications, complaints or information requests, please contact Fine Tastes of Modena, directly at: admin@finetastesofmodena.com; indicating the reference number on the order receipt sent by Fine Tastes of Modena via e-mail.

Damage Policy
If the package arrives damaged:
1) Don't open the package.
2) Note in detail on the receipt, that the package(s) is/are damaged or missing and ask the driver to sign it.
3) Immediately communicate all anomalies to Fine Tastes of Modena.
4) Take pictures of the damaged items and boxes.
5) Fine Tastes of Modena may request the return of the entire shipment in order to make claims with the shipping company.


Upon report of and confirmation of damaged shipment, Fine Tastes of Modena will substitute as soon as possible the missing or damaged items without further charges to the Customer.

Pricing and Payment Method
All prices on this site are in EURO including VAT. VAT will be deducted on all orders originating outside the European Community at the time of order confirmation.  
All prices are those indicated on the website at the moment the order is made by the Customer. The prices on singular products on this website are subjected to variation and, therefore annul and substitute those previously indicated. The price of the purchased item(s) together with the shipping costs, must be paid by the Customer via Paypal or bank transfer. In all cases, the payment must be received before the shipment of goods.

Payment via Paypal:
Customers who choose this method of payment, may order products and pay in a secure, risk free environment, thanks to the Paypal server which will send a payment request via e-mail upon order confirmation. For greater security there are no fields for inserting credit card numbers on Fine Tastes of Modena's website.

Payment via Bank Transfer:
The bank coordinates are as follows:

Name of Bank: Fineco (Unicredit Group)
Name of Account: Marcozzi Raymond Paul
IBAN: IT60O0301503200000002539561
BIC Beneficiary (SWIFT): FEBIITM1

Please be sure to include both BIC numbers.

The orders will ship only after receiving the money transfer, or in emergencies when the Customer communicates via email / fax the CRO number of the money transfer.

Guarantee and Liability
Fine Tastes of Modena within the limits of availability as covered above, shall ensure that equal products will be delivered to those shown and described on the website. Fine Tastes of Modena ensures the compliance with all rules regarding the storage of goods until delivery to the destination indicated in the order. The manufacturer is responsible for all products sold. The product manufacturer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness for the information given on the packaging. The images on this site are provided to the Customer to facilitate the recognition of products; due to changes in packaging by the manufacturer, the picture may not exactly reflect the appearance of the product delivered.

Shipping and Shipping Costs
Shipment of orders are made once payment by the Customer is received. For non-perishable food, shipments are made Monday through Friday. Orders which include fresh and perishable products ship only on Monday and Tuesday, only by air to avoid any delays incurred by the shipper, and not the fault of Fine Tastes of Modena, which could likely alter the proper preservation of perishable products with stops or delays resulting by the shipper over the weekend. If the Customer insists on a shipment that includes fresh and perishable products on days other than those specified by these Conditions of Sale, Fine Tastes of Modena will not be responsible for possible product deterioration caused by a forced stop of the goods by the shipper during the weekend.

In addition, for shipments that include fresh and perishable products, Fine Tastes of Modena guarantees the required environment for the product's preservation only if the first attempt at delivery to the indicated delivery address by the Customer is successful.

Shipments are made through DPD, TNT, DHL or UPS. For each individual order, Fine Tastes of Modena will evaluate, on the basis of order weight/volume and destination, which shipper is the most advantageous for the Customer, guaranteeing the most efficient and less costly service.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer, who will be communicated by e-mail, the Order Confirmation which will contain the order details, price and shipping costs.

It is also possible to evaluate the option to ship orders via the Customer's shipper. In this case, the customer must indicate this option when finalizing the order in the box "Additional Notes for Shipment" by providing the necessary information on the shipper of his choice. The final decision to accept or reject the shipment with the Customer's courier will be at the discretion of Fine Tastes of Modena.

or all shipments made outside the European Community, the Customer is responsible for all customs / duty fees for orders entering the Customer's destination country.

Civil Disputes and Applicable Laws
Civil disputes related to the application, execution and interpretation of distance sales contracts are subject to Italian jurisdiction, and will be the court competent of the place of residence or domicile of the Customer, if located in Italian territory. Distant sales contracts, concluded with Fine Tastes of Modena, are governed by Italian law and apply even if the order comes from a country other than Italy or if the delivery destination is in a country other than Italy. Italian law will also apply for any unforeseen omissions or error concerning the Conditions of Sale.