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AC - Apicoltura Gianni Castellari

The company Apicoltura Gianni Castellari has been in existence for about 35 years. The adventure of Gianni Castellari started at a young age as an apprentice to a famous beekeeper of Sassuolo, a small town in the Province of Modena. When he was almost 20 years old, he decided to create his own business manufacturing and selling honey products and all their derivatives in markets, shops and fairs throughout Emilia Romagna.

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The choice to focus on "quality" instead of quantity has always been the main goal of his company and throughout the years. This choice has become a symbol of distinction that guarantees quality, authenticity and safety of Castellari's products.

In the last five years with the help of his two children, Castellari created a new product "Mieleaceto" which actually has its roots in an old, secret family recipe passed down only to the women of the family. With the success of Mieleaceto, Castellari registered the trademark and obtained a patent for the recipe in Italy, the EU, USA and Canada.

Mieleaceto also opened the way for other interesting products which include Mieleaceto as an ingredient such as fruit compotes which are steamed to preserve their natural flavor or marinated fruit in Mieleaceto.